Friday, October 2, 2009

Wanted: Baby Boy Name Suggestions

We are looking for ideas on baby boy names. Leave your suggestion as a comment to this post.


  1. This doesn't count as a gadget. xoxo

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  3. Blake? Ryan? Tanner? Zack? Connor?

    Liked but excluded: Ethan, Evan, Jack, Jake, Elijah, Austin, Tyler, Jaden, Bra(y)den, Miles, Liam

  4. Matthew (Matt) James Long, Makalo or Mac; I like Mateo - don't laugh. Michael James Long -classic and strong. I think it would be cool if he had Daddy's initials. Max or Myles James Long.

  5. well. it seem OBVIOUS here that i need to step offensive heather and leah...... just let me get out my irish boy name file..... oohh-- what's the problem? German-merman.!
    never mind that. EVERYbody looooves a good irish name.
    im on the case!
    more to come.
    now where did i put that file.....

    ps. mark my words. you name him blake or austin, he will have a bloody nose on the playground by 5.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo brea

  6. so I hear no one can post to this dadgum thing. Sorry about that! You guys are welcome to email me & I'll post your ideas.