Monday, June 14, 2010

Keeping us guessing

So as you all know, we started Logan on solid foods. The introduction of his second food coincided with the end of sleep as we knew it. We first assumed it must've been the avocado. But removing that didn't quell his tummy or get us any sleep! So then, we tried feeding him cereal at different times and at different thicknesses. Now, keep in mind we had three days prior to the introduction of avocado where we experienced blissful sleep interrupted by only one wakeup, so we knew it wasn't the cereal. Well, by Thursday after a week without sleep Micah and I decided to remove the cereal too, for good measure. Heck, I think I might've re-arranged his room to look like it did on Monday before it all began. ANYTHING, we would've done ANYTHING! On Friday I realized there was something else that happened the same day as the avocado - I went on a (supposedly) baby-safe antibiotic for a sinus infection. By the time we realized it was my breastmilk, we were out of a supply of untainted breastmilk, so we had to do formula. It sounds completely ridiculous and it's totally irrational, but it was REALLY hard to accept that I couldn't feed my little boy. I have a newfound sympathy for people who have a hard time breastfeeding. There's something so primal that made me feel like a total failure for not being able to provide for my son. Anyways, Saturday morning I found out I didn't need to take the last dose and since it had been 24 hours, I could feed my little man again. It wasn't until I also started taking a serious dose of a probiotic that Logan's belly calmed. Last night, the combination of the probiotic and the new strategy putting him down meant he only woke up three times in the night. (Sadly, this is what he was waking up before introducing any food and we thought "ohhhh this is terrible - if only he would just sleep through the night again". HA HA. After a week of no sleep, we gladly welcomed being awoken only three times in the night.)

So tonight we re-introduced food. This time we made him some delicious steamed yams, sweetened naturally with a little mommie milk. It's really impressive watching him eat. He grabs the spoon and guides the food in. This is almost the only way we can get him to open his mouth. He's really good at it. We tried to get it on video tonight, but he became distracted with the camera and stopped eating. Anyways, keep your fingers eating sweet potatoes crossed with our new fabulous sleep time strategy will ensure our first night of uninterrupted sleep in a month! (Ok, maybe we're shooting for the stars on that one, but keep your fingers crossed anyway!)

Oh & guess what else? Daddy took his little boy for his first swim ever! I'd love to post pics of it, but he didn't take any. :-( But the boys had a ton of fun. Logan held onto the side of the pool at the stairs and stood for 25 seconds alllll by himself. He floated on his belly and on his back and made a really funny face when he tasted pool water. He then got to experience his first shower ever, which was a little freaky and confusing. He didn't cry, but he didn't really get it either.

Oh & guess what else? (How in the world could I have not posted in two whole months when so much happens in a week!) He has begun teradactyling (a nickname from the Vaughan's for bizarrely loud but still happy sqwaking). It's pretty adorable.

Oh & today he also learned how to spit. Amazing that in just a few days with his daddy at home, he's already learned this new "skill".

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


His first meal...

His second food...

And here's a little something from Lolli... Giggles with GPop

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boy oh Boy

So much has happened in the last two months! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. (sorry!) Let's see if I can hit all the highlights...

- I went back to work to a new job in Finance (same company) that I'm really enjoying.

- Micah & I had our fourth anniversary and enjoyed a delicious bottle of champagne and our new family.

- We had Gramps (aka my daddy) and Great Grandma Carolyn in town taking care of Logan. In Dad's *free* time, he refinished my furniture! Yesss! (Many who know me know that this is quite the good news!)

- Got a visit from Mom & Andy that got cut short due to Andy's brother. Our hearts are still with you, hoping for a healthy recovery for Beno! Mom made Logan the most incredible quilt with so many adorable colors and animals. I'll try to post pics.

- Took our very first airplane ride with Logan. He was freakin' awesome (no surprise)! We whirlwinded Texas to see our friend get married and to celebrate Angela's upcoming nuptuals to my little bro and to celebrate my very first Mother's Day with both my moms.

- Got a visit from the Tillema family. Aidan (Christina & Jan Mendelt's boy) is a year old now and quite the firecracker. There's no stopping that little one from movin! He's super cute, and we enjoyed their visit. We were super thankful they vacationed in Denver, so they could take care of Logan for the week.

- Mom & Stephen visited and took care of Logan, too. This was Stephen's first time meeting his grandson. I think they took to each other quite well. And Mom couldn't have doted on Logan any more. Thanks so much for the new swing. It's saved us several nights! And for the new shoes (all three pair) and for the clothes and for, well just everything!

- Logan got his first cold. Poor little guy has been super congested, but you'd never know it with his happy demeanor. Once he gets decongested, we'll move him back into his crib. Until then, he's swinging the night away.

- Working on getting a new roof, new gutters, and repainting the house. What are we in for??!

- Soon to be headed on our first road trip (to Texas) to watch Uncle Johnny & Aunt Angela get married. Yea!!

Logan updates (oh yeah, that's why you all tune in!):

- He's now 16 pounds, 2 ounces. (75%)

- He's 26.5 inches long (90%).

- He just got the taste of his first solid food. (The doctor recommended us putting him on cereal to help him get back to sleeping through the night. By the way, Mommie Too said so a month ago, but who ever listens to their parents :-P) He had rice cereal while out for First Friday on Tennyson, listening to music and chilling with family.

- He TURNS OVER!!! Well, so Arwen saw him do it (from tummy to back) about two weeks ago, then Micah saw it this past week, but it wasn't until today that I saw him for my very own eyes!! I was having a crappy day until I saw him turn (from back to tummy). It's just amazing how one little turn can totally turn your whole day around! Then, later he was hanging out in his crib and when I came back in, he had turned over again, so it's looking like it's becoming routine for this big boy.