Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One hot mama

So last night, I was feelin' pretty silly, so I dressed with the intention to let this little guy show himself. ahhh comfy clothes... Micah thought I looked super cute (I think it's the heelarious face I've got), so he snapped a pic & sent it to his peeps... My favorite response came from my bro-in-law: "Whoa! Tell that girl to lay off the ho-hos. J/K! She's glowing right through the phone. One hot mama!" Thanks, Justin!!

24 week appointment updates:
- In case you can't tell, this little boy's gonna be a biggun'
- I'm allowed to paint (with ventilation)
- I'm allowed to maybe have a drink if I wanna. (I haven't found that to be all that great, though. I guess that's nature at work).
- I have a great husband that takes great care of me & makes sure I'm taking it easy (especially when I'm not paying attention).
- We picked a hospital - St. Joes.
- We found out about cord blood storage. Now, all we gotta do is call. (Thanks, Mom & Andy).
- In a couple of weeks, I have to take the glucose & anemia test.

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