Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We celebrated Micah's birthday a couple of weeks early. First, Monica watched Logan so we could go to the Denver Cruisers on Wednesday. Denver Cruisers is this awesome grouping of bike lovin drinkers who get together at a bar in costume to start drinking, then bike to "the circle of death", which is where 90% of cyclist ride drunkenly in a circle with the other 10% riding in the opposite way & we try to avoid collisions. This week's theme was Sinners & Saints.

Then, on Sunday we went to Mile High Music festical where we saw Atmosphere, Weezer and Dave Matthews to name a few...

Daddy's little water bug

Micah's been taking Logan swimming alot more often lately, which coincided with Logan taking big boy baths (and alot more of them due to the chlorine). Anyways, Logan REALLY has taken to the water. He doesn't mind being dripped with water over the face and he loves splashing about. In fact, each night when he starts to be a grumper that you can't soothe, just plop that naked toosh in the bathtub and wait for the smiles to reappear. It's absolutely amazing the effect it has on him. I would say calming but I don't think squalking and splashing about really qualifies...

He's such a big boy he can even bathe with his big cousin. Here they are enjoying bathtime together when Roan came over for a sleep over.

And because they were so cute together...

here's a movie clip. Notice the pile of toys surrounding Logan (we had to stop Roan from bringing him more). And listen close; Roan is so ready to be an awesome big sister. She's trying to make sure Logan plays with the hammer safely.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Half Birthday

Yep, our little man has passed the six month milestone a few days ago. He weighs in at 18 lbs 7 oz and 27.25 inches long, (both in 75%). With each day that passes, he seems all the closer to crawling. (YIKES!)

We've been having a ton of fun with him lately. Here we are enjoying a picnic near Clear Creek after a really nice bike ride on Saturday.

Aunt Heather out did herself yet again. With all that she has going on... new baby, new house, etc., she managed to find time to knit him a half birthday present. Check it out! Isn't it adorable?

I think he likes it. What do you think?

Also, wanted to let everyone know that we updated our photo blog at to include all the pics since Logan was born.