Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 23

To those needing the belly update...

Here it is. Funny... looking at this picture, Little Long seems so... well... little, even though he FEELS huge! Micah backs me up on this - he just said "That can't be from just now, you look so much bigger in person." (He's not being mean; I like having a noticeable baby bump). Seriously though, the other day I went to massage my foot with my leg stretched out & I could no longer reach without squishing my belly or bending at the knee.

Frighteningly, I reminisced on Heather's preggar pics the other day. My thinking moved from "ohh how sweet and petite" to "she was such a great pregnant" to "oh my god, is that my future?!" and "she looks miserable" and "how is it possible she is standing without tipping forward!" Cheers to the beginning (barely halfway through).

As for other updates, any sitting not totally straight or in an almost backbend leaves me achy at the top of the belly. What the heck is that? Pains in the belly and around where things seem to grow makes sense, but at the top? really? I guess this whole pregnancy thing isn't as obvious as I had thought it would be.

I recognize I may be a weeeeee bit hormonal and that Micah proves himself to yet again be the most laid back dude ever. I'm constantly obsessed with "THE LIST", and when enough progress on said list doesn't occur, there is unfortunate irritability that ensues. Even when I don't want to be frustrated, it's as if I have no choice. There is a hormonal requirement making me aggro. I'm working through it. Yoga helps. And so does having a great husband!

So perhaps it's the not knowing quite what to expect or perhaps it's the hormones, but the other day I had myself in a complete first time mommie panic. I had Micah call the doctor and when they returned the call and suggested I come in, I called Sissy in full on meltdown requesting she go with me to the doctor. No worries, by the way. Absolutely nothing unusual - just a first time mommie freakout. Sis came with me to the doctor and she got to hear his little heartbeat. It was fun & it was her first time to hear her very own first nephew!

One last thing... you gotta, and I mean gotta, help with this whole name thing. Calling him "Little Long" or "the baby" or her nephew or grandbaby or whatever is driving me crazy! What the hell is this kid's name?! Reply to Heather's post below to suggest something.

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  1. So cute!! He's gotten so big. Thanks for the baby bump post. :)