Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WOW! has it been 4 months already?

Whew! What a busy time! January came and went.

February, we celebrated Logan's birthday together with Mimi, Gramps & K, and Uncle Johnny and Aunt Angela. Thank you all for making the trip!! It made his first birthday super special. Logan LOVES his Uncle Johnny! He loves it when he beat boxes. Logan can be mid melt down & Uncle Johnny beat boxing brings him to giggles. He also really loved playing "noggins" with Uncle Johnny, where they would rub their foreheads together while saying "noggins". Goofy Uncle Johnny is a perfect match with sweet Aunt Angela, whose charm with all the kids is ever present and amazing.

Check out the robot birthday cake I made! (But the real hit of the party was the slide Gramps & K got him.) Logan's birthday was the perfect excuse to throw a nice little party. I miss so many of our friends and family. With the hustle and bustle of parenthood, we never seem to make time to spend with those most important to us. We love you all and are so thankful that you took time out of your schedules to be with us!

In March, we had the opportunity to travel to Miami Beach to visit Gramps & K. It was quite an awesome visit. Logan got to meet Great Grandma Shirley and Aunt Aileen & Uncle Mike. He also got to meet Mitch & Marla. I'm going to have to post pics and stories from this trip separately. I've got videos I'd like to include too. I'm just too tired to do it tonight and it's on a separate camera :-(

April has been crazy busy for us. Roan's 4th birthday was on the 2nd.

(check out the outfits Lollie made in this pic)

The Moms came to town for the occasion, which was a really awesome visit. I've been missing MommieToo, and it was really wonderful getting to see her. She had quite the magic touch with Maddox. She gave Heather the best present of all time - the night shift! She also was instrumental in getting Maddox to sleep longer stints through the night, so I know Sis is super thankful for her mommie touch. Lollie stayed with us. It was great getting to visit. She dotes on Logan (and the Vaughan kids) so much. She has made them some really incredible outfits. I can't wait to post pics of Logan in his Easter outfit!

Of course Lollie isn't the only one who spoils the kids. Logan got an awesome toy and this adorable, telling bib from Grandma.

And Maddox officially has a fan club. Grandma, of course, tops the list. Logan is also super into his cousin right now. I'll see if Lollie can send me a video of Logan hugging Maddox. Those boys are so darn cute together.

The second weekend of April, we got to celebrate baby Culligan with Monica's baby shower. I had a really great time hosting her wonderful friends and some of our co-workers at her beautiful home down in Littleton. Lots of fun. Thanks to all who helped!

This week, Micah and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary two days before I hop on a plane to Arizona to begin my Global MBA program at Thunderbird. When I return the following Saturday, Micah & I get to go to see Lauryn Hill, so I'm pretty stoked about that. The next day is Easter and a few days later is my 33rd birthday. As you can see, April has been crazy! We're looking forward to a little calm in May.

Logan Facts:

- He is now cutting molars. What a big boy!

- He is talking up a storm, although we aren't always sure what he is saying ;-) Common words are "go", "more", "dog", and "down" (although he means up). I'm sure Lollie can post more common words. She was great at speaking his language and identifying his words!

- He loves giving Mommie and Daddy kisses. We got lucky with this one. He leans in with his mouth closed. It's so darn cute. I remember when John was a baby, he always wanted to kiss with an open mouth (common for babies, I think). It was worth it for his sweet baby kisses, but I do have to say I'm not disappointed Logan prefers the closed mouth technique! ;-)