Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mama Bump

So here's to my first ever blog posting on behalf on the little Long...

uhhh... Hope you didn't come here expecting all the adorable anecdotes my sister seems to continue to entertain us all with.

Little Long (or Baby Cousin as Roan has named him) has grown alot in the past few weeks. Here's a pic from when I left for Canada two weeks ago.

I'll post another when I get back from Canada, but he's really grown alot in two weeks. One day, a coworker exclaimed "What happened to you last night?" Not used to this sort of exclamation and horrified that I had perhaps forgotten makeup that morning, she reassured me that I was looking more like a mommy every day! (That's a good thing, right?! haha)

Two nights ago, while working late into the evening, I unintentionally placed the laptop on my belly to balance. Little Long reminded me that is his territory by creating an earthquake-effect. Dazed & confused, not sure if the wave my laptop experienced was real or delusions caused by overworking, Little Long reasserted that he was making himself known by doing it again.

Ok, so this may sound hokey, it may be hormonal, but seeing him already impacting his environment and mine makes this whole thing real and even more exciting. That night while skyping (for the older generation, that means using your computer to phone) with Micah, it hit me that this little boy would one day have a girl that falls for him like I fell for his daddy. Wow, he's like real.


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