Monday, July 26, 2010


We left out on Friday, June 25th and hit the open road. We didn't go far before we pulled over to camp. We got the very last campsite at the Sand Dunes, which was pretty awesome considering it's where we were meeting up with The Vaughan's & cell reception was laughable. We had a really nice evening.

We got to make up some campfire rice & beans and enjoy the sunset. We also got to set up our new tent. Our old tent wasn't big enough for our growing family ;-). The Vaughan's got there late but were wired on some good ol' fashioned fudge from a small town on the road. We stayed up for a bit visiting, but there's something about camping that makes me want to pack it in early.

Can you find Logan? He's wearing his camping cammo.... very stealth!
In the morning, we enjoyed the most stellar camp breakfast I've ever had... EVER. Heather whipped up a scramble delight to fuel us well for the ride to Taos. But before we hit the road again, we played in the creek at the foot of the sand dunes. It was really beautiful. We had a delicious picnic lunch before we started out to Taos.


When we got to Taos, I was super surprised how impressed I was with our friends' earthship. Made of recycled materials and completely off the grid, this comfortable home reminds even the most pampered that you can easily live without a huge impact to your environment. It was a really special place, and I wish we would've had more time to explore the neighborhood! (Thanks for the hospitality Jen & Conrad!!) Instead, we headed to the Rio Grande Gorge for a brisk walk and then onto dinner.

Poor Vaughan's. What I didn't mention about the earthship is its open floor plan. Seemingly cool and modern, I'm certain they would've preferred a door to shut out the crying baby in the next room. By 4am, we decided we might as well let them get a little sleep, so we left for Dripping Springs. We made it there by evening. It was pretty awesome. I have to say the hill country has peaked my interest. The vineyards... the winerys... and even the adorable town of Fredriksburg... we'll have to come back when we aren't in such a hurry. But hurry we did, so we could meet up with Micah's maternal side of the family. Even Justin's whole family was there. We got to visit a little that night and the next morning, debuting our fantastic little boy to many.

When they all left for a vacation on the coast, it was just the three of us at the Oasis, a place that somehow forces you to take a breath, relax and enjoy life just a little more, and let me tell you we did just that! We also took a quick trip to town to enjoy delicious Shady Grove and drove over to the Boles's for some entertainment of the Rock Star variety. Overall, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Then we headed for Dallas. It was John & Angela's wedding after all, and we wanted to be there early enough to help with any last minute details. We should've known better; they had all the details quite ironed out. That just gave us more excuse to visit and enjoy each other's company and hopefully took their minds (and nerves) off their upcoming nuptuals.

And let me tell you from the wedding was spectacular. From rehearsal dinner to the morning after the "I do"s, everything was perfect. Angela was unsurprisingly gorgeous. She glowed in a dress that fit her like a glove. John brought his style to the mix by sporting black patton leather Converse with red detailing. It was such an fun time. (Unfortunately, I was having so much fun, I didn't man the camera very well).

I enjoyed meeting and seeing so many of their friends and (Angela's) family! I was very honored to be chosen to stand beside them as witness to their committment. I can't even express how emotional it was for me to see my little baby brother as a man committing to his wife for all eternity.

The morning after the wedding Micah and I missed the festivities because we were in the car headed for Denver. I had to work on Monday, so Sunday was a day filled with driving. AURG!

A week later we hopped in the car again. Again you ask? Why yes, we say! We wouldn't miss hanging with Tresa & Andy in Creede for anything! And neither would Hollie, Sam or Cat! We only got to stay for a couple of days, and we missed Angela & her little ones, but we were glad to have made the trip. Creede really is a ton of fun in the summer. I saw a MOOSE for the first time in my life with her little baby moose. Oh soooo cute (until you remember how aggressive moose can be). Logan was intrigued by the chipmunks and ground squirrels and seemed to enjoy the outdoors alot but not enjoy the sleep so much. By the second night, I was literally sleeping sitting up using a ton of pillows (thanks for the sacrafice, Hollie) with him strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn. Soooo restful, I know! Poor little guy! On our last full day there, Micah, Hollie, Sam and I took an incredible 10 mile hike. It was SO much fun. We really enjoyed ourselves and each other, so THANKS, Mom & Andy!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Logan Boy

Yes indeedy, my baby is beginning the transformation to a boy.

Early July he began to sit. It's amazing how much more like a person he seems to be when he can sit and grab for things in front of him. This led to him rolling. He had rolled over last month, but it was only once at a time and very strenous. These days he's a rolling machine! Flipping this way and that... In fact now he's even started to lift his butt up when he's sitting, using his muscular thighs to push him up in the air. When he is down on his tummy, he can push all the way up now, which is pretty adorable. He hasn't quite mastered pulling his legs in under him to begin to crawl, so instead he kind of looks like he's swimming. Heather posted the MOST adorable video of him doing this, so check her post if it's been a while! We think he's on the verge of figuring it out. Our house will never be the same again...

Our little man also has not one but TWO teeth. He got his first tooth July 17 and his second on the 23rd. It's amazing how quickly things change. I wasn't expecting to get another tooth so quickly after the first. They are both bottom teeth, and he has been very kind to his mama, so no feeding rituals have changed.

Speaking of feeding rituals, man this kid can EAT! His diet now includes sweet potatoes, apples, pears, carrots, bananas (his least favorite), peas, and rice cereal. We're trying to avoid oats, barley and white flour his first year because of the siliac disease that runs in Micah's family. (Unfortunately, I already learned the importance of reading the label when I tainted him this week. I thought food marked "spinach & carrots" would be just that. Oh, what I have to learn! Apparently, it also included potato and barley (oops!).) In the coming weeks, we are looking forward to introducing squash, green beans, brown rice and blueberries. Anyways, he's eating a lot and growing bigger day by day.

He has also grown very aware of his environment. Hunter is one of the most interesting subjects in the house, and he really enjoys chatting with him. (Hunter says the verdict is still out for him - haha.) He learned while he was sick that coughing gets attention (or maybe he just thinks it's a super cool sound), so he does this hilarious fake cough allllllllllll the time. Oh & yesterday he was hanging with Sydney, Scott & Molly's newest little girl who is just a few weeks old, and they couldn't take their eyes off each other. It was pretty cool to see them both interacting with one of "their own".

We've been trying some new stuff lately. He's riding in his BOB (stroller) like a big boy. He seems to really enjoy his new perspective. He also got to try sitting in a restaurant's high chair for the first time a couple of nights ago. He did really well. We have a totally yuppy accessory (according to Arwen) that is like a playmat for high chairs & shopping carts. It's to keep a layer of cloth between him & the germs. But I gotta tell ya, that thing was a HIT last night. I'm sure it's only because it was new, but Logan kept himself occupied throughout the ENTIRE meal. (That's a little thing us mommies call a "miracle"!)

He's got his 6 month check up next week. We're betting he'll be darn near ready for his new carseat (which means over 20lbs). A few weeks ago when he had croup (a severe cough), they weighed him at almost 18!

Here's some pics from over the summer. Micah's been enjoying time spent with his little boy, I think. (Although, the last picture is hiking 4 14ers in one day with Arwen).

Here's a video of him chatting it up with a couple of cousins while we were on vacation...

Posting fairies

I keep checking back here to see if any posting fairies came along to update our blog and can you believe it, they haven't! Dangit if it's not all up to me! Well, I'm working on downloading all the pics and videos so I can update everyone for the last month or so...