Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th

Well is there any other way to start the holiday than a package of homemade goodies from Lollie? Isn't this shirt adorable?!

This year I took some extra time off before/after the weekend to spend some time in our new trailer. Check out the spot we got!

Isn't it super cool? Logan clearly thinks so! Here he's standing on our "bed". Our spot was so near to the creek, we could've extended our bed out over the water. It was absolutely the most calming way to fall asleep.

I mean, does this kid get cuter?

After a wonderful day (and an hour at the spa down the road--thanks, honey), we headed to Creede/Little Squaw to spend the 4th with Mimi and Grandy.

On the fourth, we all went to Creede to watch the parade. It was really awesome.

There were so many things that reminded me of those we love who we weren't with.

There were tons of beautiful horses that always make me think of Mom. This little horse and carriage reminded me of Mom because for a while she was looking for the perfect carriage for her horse to pull.

There were antique cars that I know Dad would've loved. arrrugaa

There were clowns, which remind me Grandma.

There was this hilarious river rafting group atop a school bus that reminded us of Justin.

There was this cool old firetruck that reminded us of Uncle Steve and Eric.

Oh and the best part? Well, you'd have to ask Logan. But I'm pretty sure he thought his very first lollipop was friggin awesome. Thank goodness it was blue (and matched his shirt).

The next day, we hung around the cabins mostly. Here Mimi is introducing Logan to deer through the window.

The Long family had one heckuva Fourth of July. Thanks to Mimi and Grandy for having us to the cabins. We enjoyed our visit and miss you already.

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