Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where is the PAUSE button?

Tonight, he took his first succession of steps... one right after the other after the next. Micah and I were thrilled to be spending some family time together, so we both got to witness it! It should be noted his first steps were toward the loving arms of his daddy (the cutest thing ever to witness!)!! We'll try to get a video of him walking. In the meantime enjoy this shot of cousin Roan helping Logan, leading him around, trying to help him to find his footing. And just one day later, he did it allll by himself!

It seems our little man is just growing up so quickly. As you'll see from the pictures posted, all his teeth (he's up to 6 or 7 now) really change his look from baby to almost toddler.

Micah and I have really been enjoying this stage. So much so that I would prefer we stay here for a while. Too bad there's no pause button. This weekend we went to the community pool, where we all had quite a great time. Who could help but enjoy themselves to this little tyke figuring it all out, splashing about, holding on to the side, and giggling giggling giggling.

And here's some videos... (yes, this may've been the most over-documented moment ever, but we were having fun!)

The boys got to enjoy the last round of great weather at the free day at the Botanic Gardens.

They've also been hanging out at the free Aquarium playground. Here's a couple of candid shots Micah got.

Oh & how could I forget Halloween? Lolli came for a quick visit.

Grandma Carolyn sent the kids the most adorable holiday shirts.

And the cutest little monkey in town was hanging out all weekend!

Micah and I had a soiree. I went as a Gin (Jen) & Tonic with a splash of lime, and he was a flaming Dr.Pepper.

And look how adorable my sweet sister is!

Here's a couple more shots from the last couple of months. I really loved this one of the Long boys at the Science Museum, but I didn't download it off my phone for the last post.

And believe it or not, this was in no way associated with Halloween... just two wild & crazy guys...


  1. Love the update! Wow, he's walking!!!!

  2. Has Logan managed to catch up with Hunter yet?He seems so facinated when Hunter shakes his head and flops his ears. Every good dog deserves his own boy. Mr. L lights up the world when he smiles. love GGD

  3. He can allllmost catch him if he Turbo Crawls (another delightful talent I'm trying to catch on video). Hunter and he have really been bonding. Hunter finally sees the benefit of the boy, now that he has finger food he can share! Plus, Hunter recognizes he gets LOTS of loving, if he's willing to put up with Logan learning how to be "gentle".