Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Logan is really cute and getting cuter by the minute!

Ok, so it's not a newsflash, but it doesn't mean it isn't true.

He's getting to be so much fun. We can chase him while threatening "Mama's gonna get you" and he'll squeal with delight as he warp speed crawls away. The cutest is when "Daddy's gonna get you" and he crawls over to me to hide between my legs. So cute!

He also really like to show how awesome he is at peek a boo. Go ahead, just ask him "Where's Logan?" So cute!

He's also showing off his third (and almost also fourth) new tooth. Micah and I feel bad for the kid because between the two of us, our kids are destined to have those huge front teeth you only seem to grow into as you are graduating (COLLEGE!). Anyways, right now those two front teeth are just playing peek a boo with his lips, only showing themselves when he has one of those characteristic Logan smiles. So cute!

Watching this little man pick up a handful of tiny dried fruit, only to drop the ones that don't stick (from spit or food or whatever is already on his hands) so that one little piece of fruit dangles from a finger that he tries to carefully steer into his mouth, only to have that misguided and stick to his lip. but wait! as it loosens, it drops as though the food knows where to go better than Logan could guide anyhow but just then he catches it with the back of his hand & guides it in for final approach to the mouth. SUCCESS! Then, you get the pleasure of watching him gum it for eternity until it just dissolves. SO cute!

Um, what has happened to me? What has my life become? Can I seriously be so entertained by the mundane tasks of my child feeding himself? Is playing peek a boo seriously all the rage? I dunno, but I'd definitely say it was a Long time comin' (and I like it)!

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