Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Month Old

Here's a funny pic, especially for PePaw & Grandma Marsha.

My goodness, how time flies!! I can't believe it's already been a month since we brought our little bundle of joy home.

We are a super happy family these days, adjusting well to parenthood, I think. Logan sleeps for at least 4 hours at the first round of sleeping, giving mama a full 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep! He has also graduated out of sleeping in the papasan and into sleeping in the bassinet. He's super adorable in there (so cute, I had to snap a quick pic (or 12)).

Our big boy lost his umbilical cord last week. Speaking of big boy, he has grown another quarter of an inch, so now he's a full 22 inches long. We weighed him at The Giggling Green Bean (a baby store in the hood) and he weighed 11 pounds 3 ounces. Now, when we got home we found that he may've had a pound in his diaper, so this was certainly not as precise a measurement as we get at the doctor. All this weight/height means mama is hurtin! Not only is he growing but he's become increasingly uninterested in sleeping anywhere that doesn't involve being held (at least until the evening, when like I said he's a champ in the bassinet). Anyways, that's left mama's neck and back tired! (Here's a pic of us snuggling).

Mama's not the only one adjusting... I think he had some "growing pains" (i.e gas), so we discovered the wonderful world of Gripe Water, an herbal fennel-something mix that seems to work wonders. He's also had a little difficulty with his sinuses (probably from the dry climate here), so we drop a little salt water in his nose which seems to do the trick. He wiggles and squirms in protest, but it helps him sleep better. I totally need to get a video of his snorts and grunts - cutest thing ever.

He's still a pretty perfect little baby (even with occassional bouts of fussiness). I mean thank GOODNESS I procreated with Micah because without Logan inheriting his easy going disposition, this baby thing may be a heck of a lot more difficult.

He loves tummy time and is quite the awesome dude at it! He can lift and turn his head like a champ. He LOVES getting some leg exercise. He has the cutest legs - his quads are defined. I've never seen definition on baby legs. I'm used to the chubby legs covered in rolls, but this kid is an athlete in waiting! Sometimes when he's laying on my tummy, if my legs are up he'll push against them to do a sort of baby downward dog (think butt in the air if you aren't familiar with yoga).

He's also been smiling when we coo at him. NOTHING in this world could melt your heart faster than those cuter than hell dimples. (This picture isn't the best, but it's darn hard to catch the smile in action.)


  1. Adorable. - Love Mama (Leah)

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