Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best Sister Ever

This weekend Sissy far out did herself yet again. She hadn't seen me for a week or two and seemed shocked how big "little Long" has gotten lately. So we decided to make sure to take some pics. She took a ton. Here's a few...

Then, as if that wasn't enough, she offered to go grocery shopping for us. She mentioned prepping our food to make dinner time simpler. I thought she was talking about when we actually have the baby, so I was super surprised when we picked up groceries and everything was sliced, diced, and bagged by dinner. She has totally saved the week. The timing is amazing because I have zeroooo energy and don't want to go out either. Between her prep and Micah's willingness to cook, this mama is one healthy well-fed chica.

Oh & did I mention she's reworking the bassinet bedding? Yeah, she's a slacker. I just want to point out I know I did a thing or two while she was pregnant, but I had no toddler, no job, no husband to consider. Homegirl is putting me to SHAME and I LOVE HER FOR IT!!

38 week update: Dr.Offerdahl wasn't available today due to someone else's birth. Aug! The audacity of someone else giving birth when I clearly had an appointment!! Anyways, I met with Dr. Johnson again. She said no real change since last visit. So hopefully no news is good news? Perhaps her perception is different that Dr.Offerdahl's, so perhaps progress (currently a bit subjective) isn't being measured very well given I haven't seen the same doctor two weeks in a row. Regardless, she also said that effacement and dialation is no predictor of when we'll go into labor. Perhaps the new pain each day is a better predictor. If that's the case, it could be any day now! :-)

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  1. You're too much sweetie. And anyway, I seem to remember a certain someone cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for months on end, painting, doing demo, helping us move in... You set the bar pretty dang high!