Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas

Boy oh boy the fun we had!

We pumped up the holiday spirit by going to Zoo Lights. Unfortunately it was Andye's awesome suggestion, but we couldn't seem to schedule anything that stuck before she left on her Chicago trip. Zoo Lights was the COOLEST! Actually, it was freeezing that night, but it did get us in the spirit! Even sister made it out! It was her first out of the house event since the baby. She was chauffered by GPops (co-chillin in a wheelchair) while Lollie was snapping these great pics. Arwen toted Roan (who got an owie on her knee) and Micah & I pushed the boys in strollers. It was a fun way to start the holiday.

Two nights before Christmas, Lollie, Micah and I took the big kids to see Santa. It was a lot of fun too. But before we could go, Roan "needed" a new Christmas dress. Can you believe Lollie had just the thing?! There was even a new dress for Baby Sarah!

Well, before we could head off to the North Pole, we grabbed a few shots of Sis and the kids by the Christmas tree.

Then off to Santa's abode we went! Logan did wonderfully. He didn't cry at all. I thinking taking the picture with his big cousin Roan really helped!

The next day was Christmas Eve. We began the celebration with decadent chocolate croissants Mom had shipped in from Williams Sonoma. YUM! The Vaughan family came over for a bit in the morning, then had some quiet time to themselves and came back for dinner that evening. We had a delicious dijon chicken shishkabob with rice and brocolli. Roan spent the night that night. After a good bath, the kids went to bed, and we had fun being first time parents on Christmas Eve. Man, it's a heck of a lot more tiring than it used to be! ;-)

In the morning, Roan was incredibly patient as she awaited her parents arrival. In the meantime, I whipped up a breakfast veggie frittata to accompany our Morning Buns (also a tasty treat from Williams Sonoma). Here's what the kids were waiting for...

Even Santa was there...

And then the mayhem of opening presents began!

Please do notice Roan with about 82 bows in her hair, wearing layers of new clothes. Priceless.

Speaking of priceless...

We had to take a short break for Logan to nap. When we resumed, we Skyped Gramps and K. It was really awesome. They even got to see Logan experimenting with his new firetruck. Thanks Gramps & K!

Later that day, we dropped Mom & Stephen off at the airport, but not before we made a lot of wonderful holiday memories.

YAY! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, too!!

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  1. Love the blog guys and thanks for the Holiday picture. Happy and healthy to you guys and tell Heather Maddox is looking cute. Someday I will come buy CO but dont be afraid to come over to Charlotte.

    Love ya Billy