Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daddy's little water bug

Micah's been taking Logan swimming alot more often lately, which coincided with Logan taking big boy baths (and alot more of them due to the chlorine). Anyways, Logan REALLY has taken to the water. He doesn't mind being dripped with water over the face and he loves splashing about. In fact, each night when he starts to be a grumper that you can't soothe, just plop that naked toosh in the bathtub and wait for the smiles to reappear. It's absolutely amazing the effect it has on him. I would say calming but I don't think squalking and splashing about really qualifies...

He's such a big boy he can even bathe with his big cousin. Here they are enjoying bathtime together when Roan came over for a sleep over.

And because they were so cute together...

here's a movie clip. Notice the pile of toys surrounding Logan (we had to stop Roan from bringing him more). And listen close; Roan is so ready to be an awesome big sister. She's trying to make sure Logan plays with the hammer safely.

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