Monday, February 8, 2010


What a ride it's been!

Here's a pic of Logan on his way home from the hospital in the bonnet made from Grandma Keller's handkerchief. And another pic of his takehome outfit (with a different hat for warmth).

Arriving home, seeing his room for the first time...

And hangin' with his Gramps...


Logan went to the doctor today.

He had lost alot of weight (from 8lbs 14 oz. when born to 7 lbs 7 oz. when we were discharged from the hospital). I'm happy to report, his weight is up! 8 lbs 3 oz today. Yea!
Dr. Bacon (yes, Bacon - Micah was super excited about her after he learned of her name) gave him a clean bill of health.

My milk has officially come in.

This has really helped our routine. Since he's not just starving all the time, we now have some awake time not filled with crying or nursing. It's been really fun today getting to play with Logan. Mom & Sis & Roan were just beside themselves playing with him and fussing over him. Roan officially nominated herself as the Pacifier Minder. She was ready at all times with Logan's paci whenever necessary! From what I heard from the next room before I drifted to sleep (still trying to catch up), the three of them had quite the time.

So, we are trying to stick to the EASY rule (eat, activity, sleep & you time). We're hoping this will make this evening a little more tolerable.

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  1. Hey glad to see an update from you guys! Loved the photos. Hope you like my slideshow.